Beauty Appointments to Keep

The DIY thing is fine, but some things are better handled by the pros.

With the do-it-yourself scene becoming ever more popular for a variety of reasons, more brides are foregoing beauty appointments to handle matters themselves. This is fine, but there are some beauty appointments that you really shouldn’t skip out on. This is because some appointments are best left to a professional, but you should also consider the fact that you should pamper yourself for your wedding to alleviate stress if nothing else.

wedding-beauty-appointments-to-keepSome of the suggestions here, you can skip if you really do want to take the DIY route (makeup, hair), but even if you plan to do your own hair and makeup, you can still meet with a makeup artist or stylist for some trials in order to see what you like and what you don’t like. Some salons may even offer free consultations where they can at least talk to you about some looks and styles. You might come away with a few ideas to add to your own. Here is a list of 10 beauty appointments that you should try to keep leading up to your wedding.

10 Beauty Appointments You Need to Make Before Your Wedding

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“1. Dermatologist
No matter what your skin issues, visiting your dermatologist will help get your skin on track before your wedding. If adult-acne is a big concern, your doctor can work with you to determine the best skincare routine for your skin type. They can also be the ones you call to zap the zit with a cortisone shot if an unexpected blemish pops up the day before your wedding.

2. Laser Hair Removal
If you think never having to shave again is worth the splurge, then you should consider buying a laser hair removal package a few months before your wedding. It takes about 4-6 treatments for the procedures to be effective so plan accordingly if you want to be hair-free on your honeymoon.”

via 10 Beauty Appointments You Need to Make Before Your Wedding, Amanda Elser

When taking these appointments into consideration, be sure that you book everything in the right amount of time. Appointments like the dermatologist, facialist, and laser hair removal services will need to be done in advance in order to properly work and to make sure that any reactions won’t ruin your big day. You don’t want to have a blotchy face on your wedding day because the facial you had left you with irritation.

This list isn’t the end all be all.

You may not want to dip into your budget or waste your time with beauty appointments you really don’t need; after all, you might have beautiful skin that never needs the care of a dermatologist! The bottom line is that there are some things that you should have done for you. Take a break, sit down, breathe, and let someone else take care of you even if it’s just for the short time it takes to get a manicure.

Are there any beauty appointments you are looking forward to or any that you refuse to miss? Join the discussion and tell us about your beauty tips in the comments section!