How to Achieve Lasting Waves for Your Big Day

Not all wedding hairstyles have to be updos.

diy wedding bride hairstyle

For you brides-to-be out there who are looking for a low maintenance, free-flowing hairstyle for your wedding, consider keeping your hair down and simply creating a beautiful wavy look. Not only will this hairstyle save you money and keep you out of the salon, but it will also last throughout your wedding without you having to worry about things like bobby pins, elastic hair ties, or even curling irons. That’s right, this technique is completely heat-free! Another plus for those of you who don’t want to torture your hair with all of those hot gadgets.

Since these heatless waves are more of a casual wedding hairstyle it’s appropriate for the more laid back affairs. If you’re having a day wedding, are featuring a bohemian or rustic theme, or are simply keeping things simple to fit your own personal style, wavy hair will fit the bill. Note that this style works the best with longer hair, obviously, so if you’re looking to do this and have shorter hair you will have to use hair extensions.

Just like any DIY project, you’ll start by gathering your materials.

To achieve these heatless waves you’ll need around 15 to 20 duck bill hair clips to properly pin your hair (these can be found at most beauty supply stores and of course on the internet), a spray bottle filled with water, hairspray, and hair wax. You’ll also need some standard hair clips to keep your hair separated as you go.

First, separate your hair into two equal sections: one on the left side and one on the right side.

Then, further separate one side into smaller sections. Start from the back and clip the front sections up to keep them out of your way. You’ll then wet your hair slightly. In this tutorial, it’s suggested that you spray your hand with the water and then dampen the separated sections that way. This will allow you to better control how wet your hair gets than spraying it directly. Here, you want the hair to be damp but not too wet.

diy wedding bride hairstyle

Next, you’ll start curling and pinning your hair.

This is done similarly to the way you’d curl your hair with a curling iron. Use your index and middle fingers to act as the curling wand and twirl the separated portion of hair around your fingers. Remove your fingers and roll the remaining hair to your scalp and pin it in place. Repeat this step with every section of your hair.

diy wedding bride hairstyle

Once all of your hair is curled and pinned into place, simply spray all of your hair with your hairspray to set the curls. You’ll then have to wait about 15 to 20 minutes for your hair to dry. This is why this hairstyle is heatless, no blow dryer required! After your hair dries, remove the clips. If all has gone to plan you’ll be left with beautiful loose waves.

The final step is simply to scrunch the loose waves with the hair wax.

Rub a small amount of the hair wax on the palms of your hands and scrunch your hair from the bottom. Be sure to scrunch all parts of your hair in order to make sure the hair wax is evenly distributed.

diy wedding bride hairstyle

This final step is pretty important because the hair wax not only sculpts the waves but will also help the waves hold their shape for the duration of your wedding and probably longer (this tutorial claims that the waves can last for days, but everyone’s hair is different). Voila! Effortless, and most importantly, heatless waves!

See the whole video below: