How to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

Your pet(s) is a part of your family, so why not have them be a part of your wedding?

If you have a fur baby or multiple fur babies that you love and pamper to no end, consider giving them some kind of role in your wedding. If you and your partner already adopted a pet together, this is a nice way to share your beloved pet with everyone. However, if you have your own pet and your partner has their own pet, you can have them both present as a way to represent the union of both of your lives.

Sure, you can simply dress up your pet and have them around during your ceremony or reception, but there are also fun and creative ways to incorporate them into your special day in memorable ways. If you’d rather not have them involved in your actual wedding day, you can choose to use them in photographs leading up to the big day, like your save-the-date announcements, engagement photo shoot, or in some wedding day photos. You can then display those photos somewhere in your reception area. No matter what you do, you can have the fun of putting your pet in a bow tie or cute outfit that they hopefully won’t rip off immediately. Here is a list of ideas that you can consider when thinking about incorporating your family pet in your wedding.

29 Perfectly Adorable Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

Photo Credit: Jemma Coleman Photography
Photo Credit: Jemma Coleman Photography

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“1. Use your pet to propose. . . 

13. Give them a special job, like sign holder. . . 

However you decide to include your BFF in your big day, make sure to designate someone you trust to be in charge of your animal so you can focus on the fun. You don’t want this to happen… “

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Whether you have a well-behaved dog or a nontraditional pot-bellied pig, you can easily have them share in your wedding and your new union. While you’ll ideally have someone designated to keep an eye on your pet, you can also opt to have someone drop your pet off at a pet sitter or simply take them home (if you live nearby) after a set amount of time.

If your family pet(s) will be staying, remember to take their needs into consideration. You’ll have to make sure that they have food and water (you can even make them a pet-friendly dessert to eat as you eat your wedding cake!), that they are walked regularly to avoid accidents, and that they are kept busy. Fur babies might cause some issues and extra planning on your part, but to have them share in your wedding will be well worth the effort.

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