Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

Ensure that you’ll look your best in your wedding photos by avoiding some of these wedding makeup mistakes!

Your wedding day is a big deal and you want to look perfect from beginning to end. This means that your hair should be precise, your dress should be beautiful, and your face should be glowing. To achieve the complete look, almost all brides-to-be look forward to the perfect wedding day makeup. Some of you might be going the DIY route when it comes to your wedding makeup or you may be choosing to go to a professional makeup artist for the perfect look, either way, there are plenty of things that you can do or forget to do that can cause you a lot of wedding day regrets.

Here are some of the more common mistakes that brides tend to make in terms of their wedding day makeup. Read through them, commit them to memory, and steer clear of them so you’re sure to look your best when you walk down the aisle.

25 Biggest Makeup Mistakes Brides Make

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“1. Trying Something New
Your wedding day isn’t the time to experiment with red lipstick or smoky eyes for the first time. ‘Choose tones that you feel comfortable with and most like yourself,’ said Jo Levy, makeup artist for Rouge Bunny Rouge. Makeup artist Elise Brill added, ‘I always tell my brides that my goal is for them to look like themselves, just defined and finished. I would hate for a bride to look at her pictures five years from now and not recognize the girl in them.

‘I think brides get too caught up in that it’s their special day and end up doing more than they would normally do, and it ends up being too much,’ said beauty expert Sonia Kashuk. ‘It is your special day, and you want to look like you—only better. When you’re walking down the aisle, the person on the other end wants to see you!'”

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Some of these makeup tips may seem obvious; of course you don’t want to skip your makeup trial or wax the day before your wedding, everyone knows that! But, not many brides think about some of the other points on this list. For example, not many brides-to-be consider how certain makeup tricks like glitter or shimmered powders will translate in photographs or how too dramatic of an eye can look heavy and unnatural. By following these makeup tips, or at least keeping them in mind, you will be guaranteeing that when you look back at your wedding photos you like what you see and have no regrets.

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