New Wedding Dress Trends

Every bride needs the perfect wedding dress!

Your wedding dress is probably the one element of your wedding that you’re the most excited about and that you stress out about the most. You want to find a dress that fits your style, matches your wedding’s tone (you wouldn’t want a formal ball gown for a casual bohemian wedding!), fits into your budget, and most importantly makes you look absolutely beautiful from head to toe.

If you’re like most brides-to-be, you’ve probably already narrowed down the dress silhouettes that you like best. Maybe you want the perfect ball gown for your princess wedding or maybe a shapely mermaid silhouette suits you best. You may even have some specific dress options in mind. But, if you’ve just started your wedding planning or simply haven’t found THE dress yet, consider some of the following new wedding dress trends that are becoming more and more popular.

The New Ball Gown and 5 Other New Dress Styles

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“Basic trends are getting a bridal revival with these new takes on old classics.

The New Ball Gown

Pair a slinky silhouette with a removable tulle skirt for two major bridal moments.

The New Neckline

Who knew covering up could be so sexy? Pair a high collar with more casual pieces for a fashion-forward look.”

via The New Ball Gown and 5 Other New Dress Styles, Amanda Elser

These fun wedding dress trends are easy to achieve and can really help you turn a traditional wedding dress into something that is uniquely your own. By adding something like a bolero jacket to a simple strapless A-line dress, you can have a more fashion-forward look that will separate you from the countless other brides who wore a strapless A-line dress at their wedding. Similarly, choosing a dress silhouette like the mid-length wedding dress featured on the list will also separate you from the pack of floor-length wedding dress wearing brides. That length is also perfect for a beach or rustic wedding—you won’t have to worry about your dress dragging in the sand or getting dirty during the event.

Whether you’re looking to keep up with the latest wedding dress trends or you just want to find something new to make your wedding dress special, these new dress styles can help you take your look from traditional to contemporary without deviating from the easy-to-find dress silhouettes. As you go dress shopping, keep these ideas in mind. Consider bringing pictures of these wedding dress trends with you as you shop so your consultant can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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